In an age where a lot of what we do is controlled by the push of a button, the click of a mouse, or a swipe of a credit card, knowing and understanding what Mission Critical means is crucial to all of our well beings. In partnership with academic and industry partners, Cleveland Community College is leading the development of a Mission Critical Operations pathway that leads to certificates, diplomas, an Associate in Applied Science degree and beyond.


Mission Statement

The National Consortium for Mission Critical Operations provides mission critical job skills training to the nation’s workforce, partnering with business and industry to ensure a demand-driven approach to educational offerings. The consortium strives to be a national center of excellence and an ambassador for the mission critical operations field.


NCMCO Academic Partners

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  • Southern Regional Technical College
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  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte Logo

NCMCO Industry Partners

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MCO Program?

The Mission Critical Operations curriculum prepares graduates for employment in a wide range of positions in information technology (IT), operations technology (OT), and maintenance. Course work includes the development of a student’s ability to maintain technically sophisticated systems for business continuity and near continuous uptime using engineering, information technology, industrial management and maintenance skills. The course work emphasizes analytical and problem-solving skills required to sustain high availability national security interests and includes instruction in electromechanical systems, networking, automation, cybersecurity, emergency management and systems integration.

Where Can I Take Classes?

Currently, classes are available at each of the participating partner colleges: Cleveland Community College, Nash Community College, Southern Regional Technical College, and Wake Technical College. Different classes are offered at the different institutions based on certain areas of focus.

Can I Take Classes Online?

YES! Absolutely. Our courses are available to take online from anywhere around the world.

What Classes Do I Have to Take?

The mission critical program offers degrees, diplomas, and certificates to meet your needs. Here is an example of what the Associate Degree in mission critical operations looks like at Cleveland Community College.

Mission Critical Operations – Information Technology (AAS)

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
ACA 115 Success and Study Skills 1
CIS 110 Intro to Computers 3
CTS 120 Hardware/Software Support 3
MCO 110 Intro to MCO 3
MCO 115 Critical Infrastructure 3
NOS 110 Operating System Concepts 3
SEC 110 Security Concepts 3
NET 125 Networking Basics 3
NOS 120 Linux/Unix Single User 3
NOS 130 Windows Single User 3
ATR 112 Intro to Automation 3
COM 110 Intro to Communication 3
CTS 115 Info Systems Business Concepts 3
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
ISC 112 Industrial Safety 3
MCO 210 Critical Site Operations 3
MNT 222 Industrial Systems Schematics 3
WEB 287 Web E-Portfolio 3

For more information on the other credentials and offerings at the different, member institutions visit their online course catalogs at the links below:

You can get a sneak peek at our courses and content by checking out our CourseSites courses that are available through our Students page.

How Can I Get Help with Course Materials?

MCO Digital Study

Find additional resources for extra practice or to help study for tests.

MCO Digital Learn

Ask questions about mission critical related content and get answers from instructors and industry professionals.

How Much Does it Cost?

Listed below are links to partner college information on tuition and fees.

Want to Know More?

Contact information, and a general email form, can be found on our contact page. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.


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Equal Opportunity Statement

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