NCMCO Sponsoring LinkedIn Workshop at CCC

Getting a job these days can be difficult. What if there was something simple that you could do to give yourself an advantage over the competition?

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social media sites for professionals, and, used properly, can give you a major edge over everyone else in the job market. On April 12 at 11:00 AM, Tony Rossi, Critical Facilities Director at McKinstry will be on campus at Cleveland Community College to teach you about how you can use LinkedIn to land your next job.

Build, Grow, Work: Using Social Media to Land Your Next Job

April 12, 11:00 AM
Rotary Global Studies Room, Rose Library
Cleveland Community College


Build Grow Work PDF Version

Creating the Future By Looking Back

Greg Crumpton is a 33 year plus veteran in the mission critical field. He’s been helping us out in the development of our certification exams as a subject matter expert. In a recent blog post, Mr. Crumpton shares his experiences with our program, but, more importantly, he also stresses the need for mission critical education and training.

He states “…we need skilled trades people to execute, in real life, in the dirty hands and skinned knuckles kind of way, the work that the engineers, scientist, mathematicians and technologists invent. We need them now, we always have and we always will.”

Please take the time to read his article: Creating the Future By Looking Back (EXTERNAL)

We would also like to extend a special thank you to Greg and the rest of our SMEs. You all are vital to this process and to ensuring that individuals, like the ones Greg referred to in his article, will be entering the mission critical field for years to come.

SMEs Meet to Set CMCO Cut Score

During the week of February 8, Examplify, along with a group of extraordinary subject matter experts, met in Charlotte, North Carolina to conduct a final review and set a cut score for the CMCO certification.

CMCO Subject Matter Experts

The NCMCO would like to express our gratitude to these SMEs. Thank you all so much for your work in completing this project.

To find out more about the CMCO exam, visit the exams section of this website.

NCMCO and WiMCO Join Forces to Recruit Women into MCO

WiMCO Representatives Touring CCC Automation Lab

As part of our project, NCMCO targets underrepresented groups in the mission critical field. NCMCO and WiMCO (Women in Mission Critical Operations) have join forces to target female interest in the mission critical program and workforce. WiMCO serves as a sub-committee of the Education Committee for 7×24 Exchange Carolinas Chapter and is designated to conduct specific outreach to women in the mission critical field.

On Monday, October 9th, Cleveland hosted two women working in the mission critical field (both WiMCO members), Barbara Justice, a Datacenter Resource Planner for Disney, and Enya Schumacher, a Project Manager for Primary Integrations. We conducted on-camera interviews, asking questions about their job-roles, challenges they face, and how they got started in the mission critical field. Once these videos have been edited and approved by the interviewees, they will be released publicly on our Youtube channel and website for use in female recruitment efforts. After our recording session, we provided a tour of a couple classrooms on campus, including our Automation and Robotics labs.

You can learn more about WiMCO and its purpose on their website:


Workforce3One Webinar: Building the Cyber-Savvy Workforce

NCMCO project manager Mitchell Sepaugh recently presented part of a Workforce3One webinar titled “Building the Cyber-Savvy Workforce.”

The presentation touted the importance of mission critical operations and the specialized needs required for a workforce that can support MCO. The official description from Workforce3One is as follows:

“America’s economic prosperity, national security and our individual liberties depend on our ability to secure cyberspace and maintain an open, interoperable, secure and reliable Internet. Creating a secure cyberspace is dependent on our ability to build a cyber-savvy workforce that supports “mission critical operations.” Technology is converging into every aspect of our lives. Mission critical operations concern communications, water, electricity, transportation – all that ubiquitous technology we can’t live without that requires round-the-clock systems supervision. In this webinar, we explore what Mission Critical Operations are and examine the work of Cleveland Community College, a TAACCCT grantee, in building the workforce that can secure these operations. We also examine the ways in which the Competency Model Clearinghouse and its cybersecurity-related models can be used as a resource in building a cyber-savvy workforce.”

Workforce3One is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration and is an online training and resource repository for workforce system success.

To watch this webinar and find out more, visit: (Webcast) Building the Cyber-Savvy Workforce (EXTERNAL)